Over the years we have studied the ways to blend the science of sleep with the ultimate in comfort. Our philosophy has always been that deep sleep can only be achieved through full understanding of the needs of the human body.

The Dorma Fine Bedding Collection is the result of these studies, presenting technologically advanced sleeping system that reacts to pressure and weight in a unique way. Our advanced 7-Zoned sleep system is designed to hold your body in its natural position, reduce pressure on your spine, and benefit your circulation with an even distribution of your weight.
The Grand Collection - Impressive. Stunning. Majestic.
Being top-of-the-line in the Dorma Collection is for those who
identify and appreciate the very best.

The Grand Collection, a synergy of state-of-the-art constuction meticulously crafted in finest materials offer a unique wrapping comfort unmatched by any other sleeping surface. Created with devotion to quality, the unique properties of this luxury loft offers a lavishly classy and comfortable sleeping surface fit for royalty.
The Classic Collection - This new benchmark for mattress
design offers shameless luxury of an altogether more
glamorous and supreme lifestyle.

Dorma The Classic Collection presents you the luxury you've earned, the quality you deserve and good night's sleep to enhance your good life. Feel the cushioning support and discover what extreme pleasure it is to just fall asleep. One comfort innovation after another ensures the restful and supportive sleep so vital to your health and well being.

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