The Dorma company was founded in 1921, although its history dates back to 1841, when
two brothers in Manchester founded a fabric weaving company. The innovative thing about
the Dorma company was that it was able to sell its fabric bedding to retailers in pre packaged

In the 1960s, Dorma was one of the first companies to produce printed bed linen, which was
unheard of until that time. The company also began producing quilt covers en masse, and
created sheets that were a blend of polyester and cotton, for ease of care.

At Dorma, we are incredibly proud of our British design heritage and our reputation for producing quality products since 1921. So it is no surprise that we still set our standards above the industry benchmark for quality and design.

Our unique blend of heritage and innovation harmoniously blends traditional luxury with modern materials to create quality that delivers the comfort, ease and longevity you demand for your modern lifestyle.

Perhaps that is why we are able to count Her Majesty the Queen amongst our most satisfied and discerning customers having granted Dorma a prestigious royal warrant.

Our reputation for quality goes all the way through the Dorma business from design to delivery of products and services.

In 1961, the company was granted it's first royal warrant for services to the Queen. The warrants
are a mark of recognition that tradesmen are regular suppliers of high quality goods and services
to the royal households.

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