Specialized 7-Zone Spring System
Using the maximum number of heavier gauge
coils & higher coils concentration in specific body
area conform to the body's natural curves
& provides specific contour support
High Quality Resilient Foam
While most mattress make uses conventional foam,
we invest in high quality resilience (HR) foam from
Shellto enchance the sleep surface for unsurpassed
support & comfort level
Space Technology Visco-Elastic
Adapts to our body temperature & effectively distributes our body weight, improves blood circulation & reduces pressure points
Ultra Plush Pillow Top
Deep quilted top panel with a more lofty & plusher pillow pad offers an expectional surface support, comort & luxury
Luxury Joma® Wool Blend
Amazing thermal properties of wool provide superior insulation - keeps you warm when it is cold & cool when it's warm
GEnerous layers of high performance materials & foam provide you with a natural, contouring pressure relief & more motion absorption
Finest Cashmere
Known as the king of natural fibers, the delicate down hair of the Kashmir goat has superb insulation and weightlessness properties
Natural Cotton
Cotton breathes better, is extremely light & comfortable. We use the finest cotton filling to ensure a more restful sleep
Superior Silk Blend
Ideal natural silk filling provides lofty and cooling properties. Silk is responsive to temperature changes, breathable & light
Comprehensively protected & treated for antibacterials, antifungal, inhibit the growth of mould & mildew
Natural Latex Fillings
Purest quality latex is known for its resilence & durability. Unique open celled structure allows the mattress to be hydroallergenic
Anti-Dustmite Treated
Anti-dustmite protection for your safety, health & well-being
Memo-Flex Premier Encased Coils
Advanced technology individually encased coils for independent coil action that reduces motion disturbance & provides superior conformace
Advanced Turn-Free Technology
Advanced & long lasting components result in a turn-free mattress, elimination the risk of injury
Unique Edge-Guard System
High quality feature adds stability, provides a non-sag sitting edge and wider sleeping surface
15 Years Guarantee
Each model is reinforced by our fifteen years guarantee - our guarantee of total quality
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